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Human in Progress“, the Association founded by an enthusiastic Dr, Remorino, has been officially formed in July!

The new-born association springs from the desire of a group of professionals, psychologists and lawyers, to provide a theoretical and practical response to the grave situation in the world today.

It is a moral commitment to helping ourselves and others, to interpret what is happening around us , trying to make the most of the knowledge that we can achieve,  which will allow us to be effective in social and individualized initiatives in the Human sense, enhancing the  respect for otherness, which is a  precious component of every single individual.

With time we will contact associations that support  humanitarian purposes, as well as promoting awareness and action campaigns.

Through our presence on social media,  we will hopefully have visibility on the net so as to create a larger basis of points of view that enable the opening of wider horizons, in a time when the risk of total closure  and violent negation of the Other is very real.

The association is open to all those who recognise themselves in its fundamental principles.

Its  main priority  will be  promoting, among professionals of various disciplines, the opening of their studios to the needs and demands of Refugees.

In the same vein there will be initiatives to promote intercultural encounters, encouraging the learning of the Italian language.

A link to the official site will be soon available.