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Who is Dr. Giulia R. Ibry?

Since twenty years the “Studio” provides professional help, building the therapy on the patientt’s needs.
The first meeting is free. Individual and couple therapy.

Doctor Giulia Remorino Ibry is specialised in Psychotherapy, Short term therapy and Cultural Adjustment. She is Court appointed psychologist at the Milan Court of Justice for issues involving children and families during the legal separation and the divorce.

New Service

This is a new service offered by Studio Ibry to those Psychotherapists who have just arrived in Italy or to those therapists who wish to work abroad:

A bi­lingual team (anglo­italian) will supply you with complete information and tools for your professional career.

Part of the team are: a pshychotherapist, an American counselor, a psychologist and a British psychopedagogist.

Dr. Giulia writes…

FOTOGRAMMI : Storia di Osvaldo

Nel mondo di oggi una gran parte della comunicazione avviene per immagini. Non è poi così sbagliato, visto che il nostro cervello funziona attraverso tracce, percorsi di senso che, quali fotogrammi mentali, creano pensieri, sogni, flussi di ricordo, elaborazioni...


"Human in Progress", the Association founded by an enthusiastic Dr, Remorino, has been officially formed in July! The new-born association springs from the desire of a group of professionals, psychologists and lawyers, to provide a theoretical and practical response...


'Frames' the latest book by Dr. Giulia Remorino has been published! "Frames" is born from the literary project of a psychotherapist who has always considered art, literature, as a mirror of the human soul. Without word and sign, where to leave messages and the most...

Office Location

Dr. Giulia R. Ibry – Psychotherapist

via Giuseppe Frua 20
Milano (MI)

Tel. 348.7648464 / 024694911

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